Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Great landscape Pictures

When it comes to landscape stock photos, there are many great pictures you can take. The world is filled with different locations with different looking landscapes that are sought after by many people. Taking landscape stock photos can be very fun giving you the chance to explore many different locations in search of the perfect landscape stock photo.

There are a few keys to success you need to follow to improve your landscape stock photos.

1. Be Prepared

When you go out and take landscape photographs, whether it is for stock photos or the simple pleasure of taking pictures, you must always be prepared. Most landscapes that you are going to be taking pictures at will not have electricity. They also probably won't have plumbing. Be sure to bring everything you will need for as long as you will be there. Have extra batteries, lens cleaning kits, various lenses, but also pack light. And yes, bring toilet paper. You don't want to wipe with your hands and get your camera dirty when you touch it.

2. Visit the location beforehand if possible

Before going on a full blown photo shoot at any location it is always a great idea to check out the place before. Bring your point and shoot camera and take many pictures. This will give you the chance to see where you want to take your pictures. You can also have the chance to brainstorm various ideas before going.

It's also a great idea to check the location beforehand because some locations might not be exactly what you're looking for. For example, if you go to a location and expect it to have good photographic scenes because it is in the wild, you can be surprised. Just because a place is "wild" does not mean it is great for taking photos at.

3. Use A Tripod

When taking wildlife landscape photographs you will probably need a very long exposure time. To get the rocks in the foreground and the mountains in the background both equally focused you will need to use a tripod. The tripod will ensure your photograph is as clear and crisp as possible.

4. Shoot during the morning or afternoon

Taking landscape photographs during a sunset or at a sunrise will make much better photographs than if you simply took the photograph at any time of day. Study the location before hand and look at the shadows and where they're placed during certain times of the day.

So when you go out and take landscape photos be prepared. The worst thing to do is to simply go out and say that you're going to take pictures of whatever catches your eye. You will be counting on luck which can be very untrustworthy.